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How to Sell on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

This guide aims to be an informative and definitive guide to setting up your own Amazon business. Whether you are completely new to the platform, or have some experience and are looking to grow your sales, we take a look at everything you need to know, from buying your merchandise, setting up your Amazon account, and tips to help you make the most of what an Amazon account has to offer.


Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Amazon

Chapter 2 – Listing Your Products

Chapter 3 – Identifying Merchandise Sources

Chapter 4 – Staying Ahead of Your Competitors

Chapter 5 – FBA vs. MFN – Which Fulfillment Option Is Better for You?

Chapter 6 – Seller Fulfilled Prime

Chapter 7 – Winning The ‘Add To Cart’ Buy Box

Chapter 8 – Further Reading

Taking advantage of the growing number of people that buy online, Amazon has turned from an online bookstore to a worldwide service that sells anything and everything – And now anyone can get involved.

Amazon has enabled small business owners and online sellers to grab their share of the online sales market by providing a global platform. 

You could also turn to the increasingly popular method of buying wholesale merchandise and selling it on Amazon with a small markup. In order to give your Amazon business the best possible advantage, thorough research and to find a niche market that is under supplied, before you start looking at where to purchase your products.

You’re likely to be familiar with Amazon, and know something about the way it operates, but how much do you really know?

Once you have your products sourced, how are you going to sell them? Directly to your customers, using Amazon as simply a platform to reach them, in the way you would on sites like eBay, or send your goods off to Amazon themselves, so they can package them and send them out to customers?

What are the pricing structures for the different services, and which are open to new sellers?

The following chapters will provide you with guidance to answer all these questions, and more, and will help you to decide what kind of Amazon business is right for you.

So, let’s find out everything you need to start and grow an Amazon business:

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